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Sunday, December 27, 2009

.: the princess and the frog :.

yesterday me n my family went to watch a movie~

aunty came down to putrajaya to fetch her sons..n my cousin decided to watch avatar as we gather...but to think of it...avatar is just soooo not me...hehe...no...never watched it but the princess and the frog(TPnTF) much closer to me...hehe..

so, as d rest were watching avatar, me N umi n kak ngah watched TPnTF..

the story is soooo funny...n i loike!

ok...we r so used to d tale of frog prince~when a princess kissed a frog n d frog turned to b a handsome prince charming..owhkies...in this story it doesn't work like that..the 'princess' kisses a cursed frog but she becomes frog instead...at first i wondered (b4 i watched d muvie k) how will they make d 'princess' turned to be a frog..when i watched it then i understand...because d 'princess' is not a princess...d cursed frog (ok...he talks) asks the so called 'princess' to kiss him so that he can became human being again...because d 'princess' dresses like a princess..so..d journey starts when both of them have to work out to be human again...there, they meet new frens..
ray the firefly, louis the alligator n mama odie (who is supposed to help them to b human again)..ok...i won't tell much...to those who haven't catch the movie yet...i think it's still showing in the cinema...go and watch..

to me..it is worth watching... =)

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