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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

i am a working mother

yes..i am a working mother..and i am proud to write here even though i am a working mother,i still do other house chores on my own.from laundry to cooking to cleaning the house,folding clothes,ironing clothes etc....the list goes on..and i am thankful enough that i decided to choose being a teacher..at first being a teacher is not in my list when i wanted to apply for my upu.but looking at the courses,i wanted to do only maths.so after discussing with umi,she agreed that i chose education as my course.alhamdulillah..
erm..back to the topic. recently there are a lot of status and hot topics on being a stay at home mom (sahm) vs working mom.
when i first read all the status,i did feel small.i looked at my kids.oh my!what have i done to them.felt like i've sinned them by leaving them with babysitter.. 😞
but when i looked back,i did cook for them,wash their clothes,play with them..yes.it is not fulltime but i still can find time to do what sahm do to their kids.insya Allah..dengan izinNya..
and i still feel proud that i am a working mother who is a teacher.being a teacher means that i teach and educate kids.i share knowledge that i have with other kids out there.sometimes i do have the thought of resigning anf just stay at home.but after i did some deep thinking,hey i am doing a noble job.no.it is not just a job.it is a responsibility!yes!that is it!i believe if we carry out the resposibility the best that we could,Allah will repay us with the best result too.not just that, in other way,we also 'berkongsi rezeki' with the babysitter.remember the pay that we get is not just ours.there are some parts are meant to be shared with others.. smile =) dapat pahala.in a way we help the needy housewife whom might need extra money for their living.smile again =) and when we work,we won't feel guilty to give money to our parents. *kalau guna duit suami mungkin segan segan nak mintak kan*
so i should not feel small being a working mother.i should feel proud!i work but i will still try to spend time with my kids as much as i can.insya Allah.try to do what other sahm do!so to all working mothers out there.wake up!don't feel small.we work but we still do other house works! ( unless u do not play your role as a wife and mother at home..that is something serious )
so a little advice to all mothers out there.whether u are a stay at home mom or a working mother.we are mothers.i am not writing this to say that working mothers are good.but a little words to be shared with other working mothers out there.to soothe them for currently there a lot of updates on stay at home mom. *working mothers ada sikit sikit terasa kot* =(
mana tahu suatu hati nanti ada rezeki kita untuk duduk di rumah juga
as for now..be happy with what u r doing..ur job might be ur route to jannah if u do them sincerely..insya Allah

-i am a working mother who is a mother of two-