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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

.: sejuk nyerrrr.... :.


ye..saye baru balik dari bercuti di cameron pada hari sabtu n ahad ari tuh..

hehe..d best part was i escaped from my school's pibg meeting..haha..don't try this at home okies..not good for health tau!

erm..actually i was excited on going to cameron.whay?cos it hd been a long time since the last time i visited cameron..erm..ade dekat 5 tahun kot..

me n my family..i mean my BIG FAMILY. we used to always have holidat at cameron..every year..yup..every year..at the same bungalow..coz my uncle's company has a house where it can be rented ( at a quite a cheap price) by the empolyees..but since my uncle transfered to a different company, we no more had our holiday there..

so, the excitement was there when my mom told me about the cameron trip..yeay!

let the pics tell u the excitement k!

the bungalow that we rented..

the cousins~~luv them ^_^

the cutest among all..ma~long sayang dini isyraQ ok!

3 anak dara yang comel dan vogue..

kak ngah n mamita!

d sisters~

orang2 kuat kami yang bekerja keras untuk menyusuan balik perabot2 ke kedudukan asal..
time kaseh my boys!

n cuaca adalah sangat sejuk ok...grrrrr...tak taha aku..
n mase nak turun dari cameron tu ptg ahad tu..hujan la plak..

begitulah adanya.....

~banyaknye benda nak kene wat~
~ya Allah..permudahkan segala urusan~

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cluMsY said...

uwaaa...kak long...i missed the trip...im supposed to join u guys there...but am too tired laa...