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Saturday, February 6, 2010

.: sangat menakutkan.... :.

mmg sangat menakutkan..ape yg menakutkan..i'm not sure what's happening among d form 5 classes for this year...they are so eager decorating their class..painting the wall..skirting the tables..what i'm trying to stress here is they are competing among each other..sangat semangat okies..

so..as one of the classes' class teacher, i spent time with them to decorate the class..

so, these are among d pics~~

those are d pics that i managed to snap..
planned to snap more but was sooooo damn tired on that friday

rajin kan anak2 ku...
saya sebagai guru kelas adalah bagi support mane yang boleh la..hehehe

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maznah said...

yaallah..klas ku dah b'tukar wrne..OREN
smagt yer..