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Thursday, November 26, 2009

.: ...but knowing about her soon-to-be special day through fb wasn't something THAT i expected.. :.

'slm..fidah npe kol x angkat je..ade terase ati dgn aku ke'
-a very good friend of mine sent this sms to me this morning after her 4 unanswered call...n i didn't reply that sms...tot of smsing her on her special day..insya Allah...wondering y am i not replying or answering her call?erm....because i'm hurt obviously...fine..call me a mengade2 or whatever...deep in my heart i really want to attend her special day but i just cudn't..majorly because my relatives are coming to my house to celebrate aidiladaha here n minorly because i'm hurt...is my heart that fragile-handle with care?..erm...i guess so...not just my heart...everybody's heart is but it depends on how u handle it..but my dear..insya Allah i'll try my very best to attend ur big day..if i'm invited.. =)

ppl would say that i'm over sensitive..am i?yeah...i admit..i easily get hurt....but as for now, i've improved as i'm an adult now...i can't be a cry baby anymore..but have u ever heard that we are more sensitive towards ppl that we care n love...i'm sure u have..n i guess because i love her that i easily get hurt...am i a bad friend?by not replying her msg..sms n not answering her call?i just don't know because at the time being, i just cudn't bear to listen to her voice..not yet..

yeah..we r far apart and we rarely catch up things about each other. but knowing about her soon-to-be special day through fb wasn't something THAT i expected. i don't mind not knowing about her life or who she is attached to now. but getting d info about her day through fb...entahlah...mayb i'm not that important in her life anymore..as if she doesn't have my hp number that she has to MSG ME THROUGH FB to inform me about her special day..

maybe it's true that once we are apart, we are stuck in our own world. it's not a maybe anymore...to me..it seems like a fact..

to my dear babe,
aku doakan ko berbahagia selalu..
aku mintak maaf x dpt dtg majlis ko..
aku sentiasa doakan ko...ko lah kwn terbaik yg pernah aku ada...
time kaseh kerana selalu mendengar masalah2 aku...
n selamat menempuh alam pertunangan =)

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