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Monday, December 15, 2014

thank you

simple words but yet not an easy one to be uttered.agree?
being thankful.being grateful.nicely written.nicely said.but hard to be one.
when i looked around,there are many unfortunates but still they have their own way to be happy.and i see many rich and i could say fortunate people who are not as happy as the first i mentioned.they might be driving only kancil but they have good relationship with their spouse and children.ever asked ourselves how do they live their life?simple.be grateful.ne thankful.for anything and everything u have.for anything and everything we have.it is more than enough.how u wanted to be in one's conditon,there are many who prays to be in your shoes.be thankful for what u have.cukuplah apa yang ada.
as for myself,alhamdulillah i am blessed for what i have and achieved so far.if not because of Allah's blessed, i might not be as what i am today.yes.i pray.you pray.everybody is saying a little prayer if not much.but i've read somewhere do not ever think That Allah has answered your prayer because u get everything that u asked for.if not of Allah's blessed, u won't be getting what u have asked.if Allah wants to give,he will give even though u don't ask for it because Allah can read whatever that u have in mind and heart.so everything that u have is because of Allah's blessed.
in addition, everything surrounds u is a test.yes.whether u are rich or poor,whether u get what u want or not.everything is a test.be it a bad one or a good one.
despite everything that we have been through,be thankful 😊

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