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Monday, December 15, 2014

quality time

okay.school holiday is almost coming to the end 😱😱😱
this year as a new teacher at my new school,i was appointed to invigilate spm.so i've missed the first two weeks of school holidays.nevertheless,the balance are more than enough.for the first week after i am done with the invigilating,i just spend the days at my mom's house.spending time with the kids,play with them,do art activities (my fav and alya's too) 😁
alhamdulillah i managed to do homemade playdough and paint because i wanted to let adik to explore toi and at his current age,everything is to be tasted before doing anything with it 😅😅😅.so, by using all the non toxic ingredients,it is safer for him to taste it first but it is not meant to be eaten k baby 😭😭😭
as a mother,especially a working mother like me, when u have breaks like school holidays it is for u to spend with ur loved ones.a quality one please.means that no hp or other gadgets.so to those who hardly reach me during this school holiday.i am truly sorry 😔 sometimes, i forgot to charge my hp..hahaha..so busy entertaining them..
so mothers out there,especially a working one,spend the little time you have with your kids a quality one 😊

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